Monday, 2 September 2013

Cloning.. Thoughts?

This last week has been a little crazy for me. Stressing with having exams and insomnia, i noticed i had some pm's asking me about pitching in with some money to buy them after a few messages back and forth it was clear it was once a script i had helped modify into a more user friendly format, this made me a bit mad, so i said no i wont help pay for a script i helped do over, so il host it instead, so that others dont get swindled into buying. So i hosted the script and the other one that goes with it (Clone & Vault) and wrote my rant piece.

I was astounded !!!! at the number of pm's i received in the first day, whether people were asking how to use them, people telling me they didnt work, people saying remove them im wrecking the game and others plainly stating that they had purchased the script for alot of money ranging from $50 all the way thru to $5000 (most people purchasing price of the script was $3500). Jen (MWLL) asked me if she could write an article on it onwhich i agreed, i also told her i would take full responsibility for the hat0rs.

The biggest joke in all of this that i have found is Zyngas lax attitude towards fixing this bug/exploit, i was reminded of how fast the QA team use to be when i worked with them. I gave this bug 48hrs max till it was patched, because 3 lines of code isnt too hard to implement right? But yet here we are over a week later with this exploit that has plagued the game for 3-4years in various forms.

If Zynga rolls accounts back a week it will be one of the worst things they could do. I could clone 5000 items a minute, if i ran this on two accounts that would be 10,000 items a minute, so now imagine 1 person running this on an average of 10 mini accounts even with a little lag and slower response time they are still churning out thousands of items every few minutes, it doesnt matter if facebook bans an account, to get another account up and running takes only aslong as the sign up process for another email/fb account. I had this script at the end of last year and i took it down in feb this year, its been up before then and after then. I know players with more boosts and horse sets than they will ever need. Zynga could do there old server query that would delete excess boosts over 1000 and maybe ban accounts, but we all know that Zynga only ever do 25% of the playerbase so the 75% of players wont be affected and they usually miss the ones that have been doing it for the last few years and sell items online, they also kind of cant risk banning more players esp since they have not many left.

This all makes me wonder about how bad exactly is this games health if players feel they cant survive without needing unlimited energy boosts and or past kami xp. Is the design of the game set to crash and burn? Zynga could offer sales on boosts but that would only cover peoples shortfalls. i did further analysis on this...

Players only really want the 2x loot boosts to get 501 of the best loot from a new district faster than other players, but once there...
Players dont care about farmimg excess loot because they cant gift it to help others in their mafia out.
Robbing boosts are great because of the bullshit robbing formula Z implemented when it brought back the overhauled robbing. Yes i was a fan of the old style and formula (wheres my donut girl!!)
Thanks TMD for the pic

Fight boosts arent that useful because they only offer a mere ~175points more in skills and this is hardly effective
Players feel the need to be able to constantly serial, they can deny it, but a discussion with some very die hard fighters that were anti energy, never relised that there method of been leveled by using the NY boosts and been kami'd made them on par with the energy accounts by continuously been able to level themselves.

I feel if Z could see that the items that have been cloned this last week they would be able to see that the game is still very much players looking after each other. People cloning collection items and loot items that are giftable, even NY consumables to pass onto other mafia to help them out (which shows NEW players!?) was really nice and i am pleased that the groups that focus on this sort of thing have been able to have a boost in the number of items they have been able to pass on to others. To me it shows that players helping out players is still number 1 in the game despite Zyngas many attempts to abolish it.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cuba, Moscow & Bangkok set for a return?

Cuba, Moscow & Bangkok set for a return?

Read MWLL blog lately?

Sure it maybe full of every aspect of the game plus more, but if you weed out a few of the posts, its all about Cuba, Moscow & Bangkok! Zynga have seemingly decided to get them pulled from the game all together and/or anything to do with them... even collections having their quantitys reset to zero.

But how about another scenario?

Mafia Studios/Zynga promised its players a new destination. Sweet! But...? where is it?

They cant release another copy and paste city of the template for Brazil? Brazil, Chicago & London all have the same code! Whereas New York & Cuba were a pair, Moscow & Bangkok another pair, and Vegas & Italy been the other pair. Pairs of the same code. Mafia studio doesnt seem to be wanting to produce anything unique and new, not with a flailing playerbase, any errors/glitches with new code could cost them thousands of the remaing playingbase which would do more damage than good, so why not stick with something familiar with the diehard players?


A light bulb has gone off in someones head over in Zynga land to do just that. Alot of players have bid there goodbyes from 6million daily to a mere two-three hundred thousand odd. Not all have said there goodbyes, some have just disappeared, others just gradually stopped playing, However some wanted to go out in a blaze, Posting everywhere, On Zynga defunct forum/player support, in there family/clan groups and in various pages (MWLL/MWSCRIPTS etc) One of the main postings that can be seen in those times is, "I would of stayed if you had of brought (sp) back the old cities" however now days you hardly see those kinda posts because most have seen it as pointless guidence to a company that doesnt like to communicate and better themselves.

Setting the scene...
You were locked out of Cuba (Plus other destinations) by a gang of goons "The Neo-Imperium" you were lucky to get out alive (yawn) But now you have finally managed to get back and your left with nothing.....

Zynga resets everything, All players go in with an equal chance. 
No one has any of the "new good loot" so no ones maxed on loot.
No collections already vaulted with millions of extras that can be revaulted to give "an unfair advantage".
No one has billions of Cuban Pesos.
No propertys ready to be collected.

Zynga are counting that the people that leave the game when they notice the above will be a small number compared to the players that come back because of old locations.

Zynga also dont have to do any extra work, just tweak all the Cash/Collections/Properties to Zero, reset the mastery and a seemingly new destination it is. And if they slow release them all, that will be 3 "new" destinations for the year and all the players will have forgotten about a brand new location that was promised. Well done!

Sidenote:Nothing set in stone... however, some of the backcode sugguests the above might just happen

A little updated art is always good too.

I say bring it on, my boredum of the remaints of this copy paste game is getting stale.

EDIT: I Shared this with Jen aswell, who made an article and bet me to posting, hers has some great info and facts/figures on surveys and city releases dates, Check it out here