Friday, 8 April 2016

MW- The end is Nigh

TWO YEARS!?!? Since my last blog post. The inevitable finally happened!


Hooray & Good riddance! Now don't get me wrong, I loved the game if this had happened 5 years back when the game was still good I would of been absolutely (but not quite) inconsolable and would of cried foul. 28million monthly players with over 6million daily players would of been a company slaughter, but lets compare that to today, 100k daily players if even that.. which equals just a few million monthly players and I'm been generous because the later figures I couldn't be bothered looking up the early figures the game use to boast about (I know because it was in the game on the screen in your face).

The time is right for a new company starting off with a solid game to take the market, there is no point switching to other games that are a similar age, because flogging a dead horse is just that.

Why do people not just quit gaming and get on with life? This came to my mind and i was all for running in and pouring it like salt on a wound until i saw someone point out an excellent example on why to keep gaming.
Many i notice are seniors who play MW and the Zynga's games .They do it for memory and health To have something to keep them alert. and reason to be. Money is not thing it is the fact many home bound kept it as a social format to have fun. They found the game amusing and had something in common with friends they met here to share in that fun. I'm sure many are empty- nesters whose kids don't even come around see them. For what ever the situation is pulling that rug from under their feet hurt it was a life line. -Rashi Holstein
 Their points couldn't of stuck a deeper note with me, I really have no idea of the number of people I came into contact with from the game, the over customization on some of the earlier scripts or mods of others were to aid them (the seniors) which also contributed to me trying to learn more coding, I started the game with no knowledge of coding. I still used internet explorer when i started MW, the coding languages of Javascript or jQuery weren't even words i knew.

I didn't even know how to mess around with firebug, as i'd never even used firefox. A certain MW mod that worked on the forum (Lady Di) laughed at one of my doctored screenshots that i had put together in MS Paint and outdid me with one better, it took a week or two but i was hooked, i went from changing stats from 1000 stamina to 999999, i then terrorized the forums (zyngas) with doctored screenshots left right and center, (sometimes getting infractions from the other infamous forum mod NikiKing) but over that time i became friends with forumers and even joined an off branch forum MWHS (i hope i have that right) of which i met some great Myspacers. Kimmerz, Lil Ms Mandy and of course Hitman Fred (aswell as a few others that would pop in from time to time) there was also the talented Esailija who pretty much wrote the book on how to level, his work was the ground works for MWG and caused Zynga to nerf the ratios, topmafia percentages numerous times, capo exp, building loot supplies, how to farm the lists go on, even YONKS (honorable mention and shout out to BOSSY) of topmafia/topmafia disabled used Esailijas work, MWAP also used his work to show just how simple it was to achieve greatness and they had the tool to do it (of which i could never figure out how to work or setup). I'm sure half of the people mentioned above did so unknowingly.

Those days were great it was all about learning for me, because the more i learnt, the more i got ahead in the game, facebook use to have discussion boards, of which i also would terrorize and find easy targets by using switch and flexing the MW Gym muscle.

I was noticed for having a pretty good account and i used to get told i was a hax0r and a cheat even tho the stronger ones could beat me and use to do defense checks. I moved away from the facebook discussion boards when rascist trolls pretty much took hold and moved pretty much to the zynga forums. At an earlier point than this tho I had started noticing odd things happening in the game. Glitchs, bugs, exploits or whatever you want to call them were rife in the game and Zynga had just the team to deal with them. To this day i like to think it was my internet connection of which was DIALUP! pages wouldnt load and id have to refresh the url or edit them (because caching,i didnt know what caching was at this time, all i knew was that holding ctrl+shift while i clicked refresh would make it work) and this would give me different results, like refreshing the war won url which was claiming exp everytime instead of just once, which helped me level, i reported it to Zynga, they gave me 400gfps SCORE! I was hooked, i purposely messed up urls left right and center, joined groups/pages/websites to read exploits and report them in.. (wasn't rewarded for anymore bar one) reporting worked really well until they dried up. Zynga came looking for things i hadn't read about anywhere, for example how to get free skillpoints when xyz was happening, so i would go and do xyz, mess with links untill it worked, and then it was a painful step by step reconstruction so that Zynga could fix it. i quickly learnt that when ever there was something new in the game something else would stuff up and then it was a bug i could find. one of the first scripts i modified was spockholms and its job was to just run a different url over and over when it got to a certain condition. I remember telling zynga someone else had modified it and sent it to me. i also would search out QA multiple accounts and would find they had test posted images of new locations, then a simple switch would show new weapons which meant something to brag about.

In the good times above i learned how to run scripts, make bookmarklets insert other scripts into bookmarklets and that scripts could be modified, ie stynos mods of spockholms attackx, robbing scripts ADF, RDF(attack/robbing done fast), i learnt how to make multiple accounts run multiple browsers, multiple accounts always required a quick 501 to get up to scratch (Mistyfied Mafia Wars & Pimping) not that you really needed it as people screamed out everywhere for mafia crew.

Sideline: Olly you were a dam pain, but i loved that you could con Zynga into giving you all sorts of loot, you might be interested to know that Zynga had a note on your account saying not to give you anything, i know this because the security team told me that was written on it.
Also KCMCL may we never argue again.

I also learnt to hate Zynga, I can't count how many promises i saw them post then delete later on, i dont know how many reps appeared on the forum that me and the rest of the forumers fought with who would later disappear then we would get a new one sprouting different crap of the changes they were bringing the forumers even made their own clan ZCFU. dem Ziffers! (I hope Cassie has her heels on for dancing on the grave as always promised), we pretty much all split from the zynga forums and left it for dead and there on their website(ziffers), i learnt how to mod scripts better, (Midian, Chaos, Calder, Rick) changing names of scripts (credit stealing goon that i am) adding in statistics, remove lots of crap. I even got given hosting and a website (of which i had to get walked thru on how to upload scripts via filezilla).

I do want to apologize to Arun of chucker & brawler fame as mentioned above (credit stealing ie brawler lite, deathboy brawler (shoutout to Martin also to Lars)) as i always feel responsible for him leaving, he said it was more that the people that would pester him constantly to update brawler, but i know him and the rest of Mafiatask force did have a beef with me over the scripts and what not. I also learnt from that to not try and mod OGP by Chris (Lefty Thumbbreaker) (more because he had alot of power users and it was so advanced in coding that i didnt know where to start, my failed attempts are long gone thankfully)

no more KJELL/Big Daddy/RYFG/LCN/snouts drama!

I can also remember Jen (MWLL) before she started her blog, she was a person i chased off the forums as i was a bully and didnt agree with her ways or suggestions. I also said her blog was a silly idea and that it would never go anywhere. Months later its a roaring success which was great and i think personally helped the longevity of the game ESP with her becoming a PAC member (I was also added to PAC later on but never included or added into any of the groups, instead of having the tshirt to prove it i have an NDA lolol) and being one of a group to get flown to Zynga headquarters (super jealous) this was good in the long run. I met Alex of UnlockedMW as he wanted to use my robbing script in his project, from reading his code i learnt all sorts of things, and its due to him that Drone.X was made.

I don't know how many people ive come into contact with, but the ones i felt for the most definitely had to be the Zynga employees, they did alot of hard work for free, Da Irish kid and wiki was no simple task, i know he didnt do it by himself and that he wasnt always a zynga but maintaining it still deserves kudos, the multiple forum mods (for putting up with me :D and the rest of the unhappy customers) the QA team, the security team, Mark Pincus and his one line reply emails (lets just PAWS here ay ay Renate remember this!!) I can also still remember the unhappy words of Nate before he left repeating over and over

"I'm sorry, i really did try to make a change in the game for the better, i really did try.." 

My best piece of advice that i was given by a Zynga employee was just build your account to level and you will fly thru everything in the game and not struggle, and i did and i was always on top of things untill VIP really screwed events up because it was all about the RPs... well not really but my days of spending 50hrs+ straight playing were behind me and instead of a solid day or two,  i would only get an hour or 2 here and there and then to stay on top i could just buy my way to the finish of which i wouldnt.

the last few years, what a steady decline, the Myspace people got migrated over (shout out to TPC) most who have since gone, ziffers are mostly gone, all QA people, all mods, most of these people didnt really push me for scripts, because scripts were bad in their eyes. but with the majority of them going my fun for the game also went, i tried to create my own fun which would last months then disappear with the next wave of people that left the game, i stayed because i enjoy learning how to code, it was unique to me, you cant just go sit a course and then come home and write a script that does everything, (well for some not all in one go) I had people pushing me along to update, add new things and just challenge me, i have pictures that a few people have sent me of multiple monitors all displaying Drone.X, Robert (woof!) was great at this, his dog was also the operator of them all, sitting in the chair looking at the screens. Thanks for the laughs.

Edward you were great many people would link me your screenshots of your run thrus of new districts so that i could write them out or update ratios, untill i got to lazy and Mohamm├ęd would send them and updated code to me, thank you both.

I cant list all the scripts ive modified as there are too many, YASH! your script ideas were good and im sorry i wasnt better at coding when it was your hayday because they would of been phenomenal i think i only ever got one or two working as requested.

>>CLONING<< two words "never again" i still get asked about it to this day. NO IT DOESNT WORK, yes the script you sent me, is the one i did or based off the one i got my code from and no it doesnt work either.

One of my best times in the game and the best exploit/glitch/bug was definitely account hacking, Esailija you are still a legend with the epic trolling you and i did over this, i dont think ive laughed harder at anything more in the game since. Account hacking happened a few more times afterwards but it was never as fun and something i couldn't exactly share with others.

To wrap the coding part up, i have to also say a huge thanks to these coders i havent mentioned above at all Jules, Sam, Eike, Pete, Brandon, team MWAP/RX6, Scruffy, droNET, Simony(THIS WAS NEVER ME!!!), Demon(I hate that i couldn't decipher your code to read and improve my own and dam did i try lolz), David (MW Addon) and im sure theres a few others. Martin of team spockholm was a great help in everything, if i had exhausted the other coders he would explain everything even his coding style was something that i could just read and mostly understand, to this day i understand about 90% of it perfectly (Eike i could never understand spartacus!)

Other groups/people i hadnt mentioned: Serial Leveling and Kamikaze Skool, mafia wars scripts | mod, Lindsay, Tara, Dawn, Rebecca, Bakhri, Mouse, Jeremy and to the people that were lost over the years.

I mustn't forget my own host and fellow kiwi, Luke! (HappyPlace/MOD) I remember getting PM's asking about him and i'd never heard of him so i checked out his scripts and then made a post saying it was fine, me with 2k of likes vs his 80k should of been all the assurance i had needed, but if you need him for a coding project/website/server hosting etc send him a msg

I'm really sorry to the people i haven't mentioned, its not that i didn't want to, its more ive met so many people i cant even guage the amount, and i know theres some major people too. I'm more than happy to do scripts for another html game as it would be a nice challenge to start fresh, i cant do anything for flash based games, im also banned from a few as they told me coders had no place in their games.

my facebook account may disappear, but you can always send me a msg on the guessx scripts page

April 2009--Thanks for the education I've learnt quite a bit (even learnt teamviewer!!) and thanks for the company its been fun. just like the old days i pulled an all nighter and have work in a few hours. Catch ya's on the flipside, sorry for layout, nothings in real order, mispelt, overuse of commas, no caps, shorten words/slang. I hope sense was made

Longlive Hitman Fred my honorable brother!

TLDR; Thank you everyone

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Once upon a time...

This picture should speak volumes, not only is it crappy quality because its so old, but its from a time when MW was popular! So popular!! it could boast having "Over 4 Million Played Yesterday!" that number reached 6million in later months...

It was a good time, the devs talked to the players, boosted some accounts (LOL lots of accounts), took bribes (got fired), boosted more accounts, gave out godfather points (RP's), hired players that could only be considered as the gods of their time and a hinderence to players getting to far ahead, these players knew how to play the game unlimitedly, marathon sessions were held where they could play the game straight for days (literally) these guys & girls wrote the books and guides on how to be top of the game without spending a dime, they knew the glitches and bugs days before they were posted everywhere, MWG & MWLL didnt even exsist!

If you wanted info you went to the forums, subsections were carved out and players wrote walkthroughs and guides on new loot and new locations. Scripts exsisted but not like the ones you have today, spockholm was still finding his feet, the script0rs before him were getting tired of the constant requests for features in their scripts and up and left, the times were good.

Then Zynga started messing with things in a big way, contact was cut with the majority of its playerbase, infractions were handed out left right and center on its forums, complaints just started rolling in...

Zyngas QA started working overtime as the games popularity shot so high, that the demand for features to keep the players here, interested and to get them to start spending/spending more was making bugs and exploits appear everywhere. Having worked with the QA team at the time and getting perks i can say that they were great and i miss the times of lengthy conversations of me not knowing how to format my steps on howto replicate the bugs, im sure they ripped their hair out multiple times but they were a great team!

Zyngas decision to go inhouse and cut pretty much all communications with their players was a mere instant and slow death, they put Devs to talk to the players on the forums made many promises that they then went back on, deleted the threads so that those conversations never exsisted, then they would repeat the process with a different dev name/person untill they gave up as they had failed.They did revisit this with a certain Nate & PAC, who did start to get places but in the end he left and was never replaced and it ceased to work properly after this

During this time the playerbase was excited about bugs and exploits and were in overdrive to find them, themselves before Zynga could find them and fix them. Lots of bugs were found and fixed! There were a few that resulted in lawsuits with Zynga having to settle, Hacking of facebook accounts thru a simple change of MW code was one of the big ones and resulted in the top players table been pulled from the game. With most bugs/exploits there usually was a few ways to do it, Zynga would usually only patch one way, resulting in the second or third way been still open untill those too were reported and fixed aswell.

I did really hum and har about posting this, but i thought hey i should let players know that hacking accounts still works so i made a video, i packed all the code into a bookmarklet and hid the url bar so that you couldnt see what was done or the URL, i also opened up multiple tabs so that you couldnt see the full players PID, the most funniest part to me is im generating a random PID, the one i got in the vid couldnt of been a better generated PID, it shows that the account is VIP and i could play their game, im nice enough not to spend any of their RP's.

There are more exploits and things that still exsist, Remember cloning loot? they fixed it once, then a year later they fixed it again (A couple of months back) but yet theres still ways to clone loot...

Vid of the account

Monday, 2 September 2013

Cloning.. Thoughts?

This last week has been a little crazy for me. Stressing with having exams and insomnia, i noticed i had some pm's asking me about pitching in with some money to buy them after a few messages back and forth it was clear it was once a script i had helped modify into a more user friendly format, this made me a bit mad, so i said no i wont help pay for a script i helped do over, so il host it instead, so that others dont get swindled into buying. So i hosted the script and the other one that goes with it (Clone & Vault) and wrote my rant piece.

I was astounded !!!! at the number of pm's i received in the first day, whether people were asking how to use them, people telling me they didnt work, people saying remove them im wrecking the game and others plainly stating that they had purchased the script for alot of money ranging from $50 all the way thru to $5000 (most people purchasing price of the script was $3500). Jen (MWLL) asked me if she could write an article on it onwhich i agreed, i also told her i would take full responsibility for the hat0rs.

The biggest joke in all of this that i have found is Zyngas lax attitude towards fixing this bug/exploit, i was reminded of how fast the QA team use to be when i worked with them. I gave this bug 48hrs max till it was patched, because 3 lines of code isnt too hard to implement right? But yet here we are over a week later with this exploit that has plagued the game for 3-4years in various forms.

If Zynga rolls accounts back a week it will be one of the worst things they could do. I could clone 5000 items a minute, if i ran this on two accounts that would be 10,000 items a minute, so now imagine 1 person running this on an average of 10 mini accounts even with a little lag and slower response time they are still churning out thousands of items every few minutes, it doesnt matter if facebook bans an account, to get another account up and running takes only aslong as the sign up process for another email/fb account. I had this script at the end of last year and i took it down in feb this year, its been up before then and after then. I know players with more boosts and horse sets than they will ever need. Zynga could do there old server query that would delete excess boosts over 1000 and maybe ban accounts, but we all know that Zynga only ever do 25% of the playerbase so the 75% of players wont be affected and they usually miss the ones that have been doing it for the last few years and sell items online, they also kind of cant risk banning more players esp since they have not many left.

This all makes me wonder about how bad exactly is this games health if players feel they cant survive without needing unlimited energy boosts and or past kami xp. Is the design of the game set to crash and burn? Zynga could offer sales on boosts but that would only cover peoples shortfalls. i did further analysis on this...

Players only really want the 2x loot boosts to get 501 of the best loot from a new district faster than other players, but once there...
Players dont care about farmimg excess loot because they cant gift it to help others in their mafia out.
Robbing boosts are great because of the bullshit robbing formula Z implemented when it brought back the overhauled robbing. Yes i was a fan of the old style and formula (wheres my donut girl!!)
Thanks TMD for the pic

Fight boosts arent that useful because they only offer a mere ~175points more in skills and this is hardly effective
Players feel the need to be able to constantly serial, they can deny it, but a discussion with some very die hard fighters that were anti energy, never relised that there method of been leveled by using the NY boosts and been kami'd made them on par with the energy accounts by continuously been able to level themselves.

I feel if Z could see that the items that have been cloned this last week they would be able to see that the game is still very much players looking after each other. People cloning collection items and loot items that are giftable, even NY consumables to pass onto other mafia to help them out (which shows NEW players!?) was really nice and i am pleased that the groups that focus on this sort of thing have been able to have a boost in the number of items they have been able to pass on to others. To me it shows that players helping out players is still number 1 in the game despite Zyngas many attempts to abolish it.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cuba, Moscow & Bangkok set for a return?

Cuba, Moscow & Bangkok set for a return?

Read MWLL blog lately?

Sure it maybe full of every aspect of the game plus more, but if you weed out a few of the posts, its all about Cuba, Moscow & Bangkok! Zynga have seemingly decided to get them pulled from the game all together and/or anything to do with them... even collections having their quantitys reset to zero.

But how about another scenario?

Mafia Studios/Zynga promised its players a new destination. Sweet! But...? where is it?

They cant release another copy and paste city of the template for Brazil? Brazil, Chicago & London all have the same code! Whereas New York & Cuba were a pair, Moscow & Bangkok another pair, and Vegas & Italy been the other pair. Pairs of the same code. Mafia studio doesnt seem to be wanting to produce anything unique and new, not with a flailing playerbase, any errors/glitches with new code could cost them thousands of the remaing playingbase which would do more damage than good, so why not stick with something familiar with the diehard players?


A light bulb has gone off in someones head over in Zynga land to do just that. Alot of players have bid there goodbyes from 6million daily to a mere two-three hundred thousand odd. Not all have said there goodbyes, some have just disappeared, others just gradually stopped playing, However some wanted to go out in a blaze, Posting everywhere, On Zynga defunct forum/player support, in there family/clan groups and in various pages (MWLL/MWSCRIPTS etc) One of the main postings that can be seen in those times is, "I would of stayed if you had of brought (sp) back the old cities" however now days you hardly see those kinda posts because most have seen it as pointless guidence to a company that doesnt like to communicate and better themselves.

Setting the scene...
You were locked out of Cuba (Plus other destinations) by a gang of goons "The Neo-Imperium" you were lucky to get out alive (yawn) But now you have finally managed to get back and your left with nothing.....

Zynga resets everything, All players go in with an equal chance. 
No one has any of the "new good loot" so no ones maxed on loot.
No collections already vaulted with millions of extras that can be revaulted to give "an unfair advantage".
No one has billions of Cuban Pesos.
No propertys ready to be collected.

Zynga are counting that the people that leave the game when they notice the above will be a small number compared to the players that come back because of old locations.

Zynga also dont have to do any extra work, just tweak all the Cash/Collections/Properties to Zero, reset the mastery and a seemingly new destination it is. And if they slow release them all, that will be 3 "new" destinations for the year and all the players will have forgotten about a brand new location that was promised. Well done!

Sidenote:Nothing set in stone... however, some of the backcode sugguests the above might just happen

A little updated art is always good too.

I say bring it on, my boredum of the remaints of this copy paste game is getting stale.

EDIT: I Shared this with Jen aswell, who made an article and bet me to posting, hers has some great info and facts/figures on surveys and city releases dates, Check it out here

Friday, 7 December 2012

No more friendly faces

"With power comes great responsibility, respect and importance, if you have none of the later, you only have power"

This one is for some of the now Ex-Zynga employees.

Due to Zyngas' continuing failing business model, the once flush with millions & millions of gamers per a game (and with a big selection of games to chose from that was impressive), it has now dwindled down to mere millions of gamers per a game (some only hundreds of thousands per a game).

Meetings behind closed doors were held, and a restructure of the place was in order, how would they go about this? would they be able to pull off the biggest rescue mission of all? save their own company?

The basics were in place, they would actually look at there customers feedback for once, this was/has been largely non exsistant and has been the trend since just after the begining for them, yes in the begining they were good, had staff that listened, took feedback, made changes off that feedback and communicated with the players. The plan in place was yes look at actual feedback and combine that with what there biggest earning games were, and cut the ones that had caused losses.

The christmas present to there loyal longtime employees aka contractors were that they all got a christmas holiday, however they made this a permanent holiday cutting many contracts short and outsourcing there jobs, the communication that was there is once again severed, the gamers may not of relised it yet, but when they find that they have to start yet once again on making communication with some n00b mods that are a silly bunch, mad with there new found powers of moddum, they might finally just call it quits, the new mods usually have no idea of the game and cant relate to the gamers that have played the game for 3 years and have seen every change/thing thats been forced upon us.

I  dont think il bother getting to know any of the new mods, why waste my time when they just wont understand and give me a copy/paste answer from their textbook "how to deal with people that are wrong" having a quick look over there i can see maybe two mods? i have no idea, they wont introduce themselves or stick around to talk about the product they are meant to be helping people out in. The forums itself is dead, dont get me wrong theres knowledge there. However that knowledge may as well be for a completely different game, walkthrus, guides, the lot are all to be found there, but all outdated by the ever increasing crap that the game pushed out and changed, not changed for the better but for the worse when the communication lines went dead so did a large chunk of the playerbase. I dont see mafiawars making much of a come back at all, i see them testing "new technology" so they can spawn that off into other new games and in doing so increasing the disgruntled players causing more to drop off the DAU/MAU.

If i ever have a business that can come close to what Zynga once was, id be proud, however i would make sure i treated it and its staff alot differently. after all happy customers + happy staff with a mix of good communication is a great business model.

i myself am pretty much done with the game, only really staying to keep the scripts updated, but once i can get them self sustaining, (which im aiming to do so now) il be gone too.

To wrap this all up: 

I can still remember the first mods/others that have supported the gamers and to them i thank them all, even tho some left the company some time ago, some due to the way America structures its contract systems. id like to thank:
Hitman Fred, Niki King, Parizad, Bandilero, Al gore, CM, HD, Rinzler, Midnight Marauder, Blue Eyed Nate
I cant remember the ones that are double ups ;) I'm sure theres some ive missed, but its been a good time with all even when i gave them hell, and i (also known as MrSimy0) wish the recently departed ones goodluck with there future.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The "Upset Brat" Effect

What a week!

I forced Drone version 4 upon everyone due to a lack of feedback, because i knew it was buggy as and full of errors which i needed reported so i could find them and fix them, so i took some code out, Secondry options and other new features i had been working on.

I fixed quite a few errorz and bugs :) but was left with more-that so far i havent been able to fix. I still yet cant find any code that would give me the slightess hint of what is causing them.

So for the minute Drone v4 is on the backburner and long live Drone series 3.

I feel there was a few fixes that some people never got, i use CDN to ease the load on my server, this causes some of my updates to take anywhere from minutes to hours to even days to get out to all people. If i say the script is updated and your still seeing the same old version, then chances are it hasnt updated for you yet.

Cant take the kid to Hollywood, so take Hollywood to the kid
so with the undecided future of drone v4, its new features needed to get let out of the box.

My issue with new features is it causes new vars, which need to be saved and with every new var all settings get wiped.

So to combat the people that start drone and dont notice that its settings has been wiped i added a "Settings Refreshed" statement that flashes and then disappears :) aswell as an increasing version number. This should only appear and flash when the settings for drone dont exsist or have been wiped (same thing?!?).

What is new!?
I <3 new stuff!

Learn Energy Reqs: This learns Brazil, Chicago & London energy requirements, so if you havent mastered the district, or have different requirement than other accounts example
one on the left has energy requirements of 324, account on the right has energy requirements of 18.
Both ruby'd just Zynga being special. Drone had the requirements for the "Secure Hooch to sell to your Joint" hardcoded in at 324, but if you click the button "Learn Energy Reqs" it will now change the requirements to 18 energy :)

Learnt new energy cost, energy cost per job is now 18..

This is great for accounts that havent mastered some districts, or like to farm the secret districts on different mastery stages.

Autopost for crew: When under 18, Autoposting can cause issues on some accounts. Disable if you experience them
Finaly i added this in (took me long enough) Autoposting doesnt work after a autopost limit has been reached by MW/FB, and then the crew posts start appearing on screen and clog up everything, somepeople had an excess of 80 popups to click thru, (sorry!), and some dont have autoposting at all, so ive lowered the autopost crew limit right down so instead of clicking at 30, it now clicks at 18 if enabled.
Smart Level:Is London Fully Mastered This works in conjunction with Smart Level
Is Chicago Fully Mastered  This works in conjunction with Smart Level
Is Brazil Fully Mastered? This works in conjunction with Smart Level

These 4 options are all
combined! This will try and give you a big XP jump onto your next level, so if you have 3-4 thousand energy left and only another 50xp untill you level, this will switch jobs, depending on what you have mastered and click the jobs in an attempt to give you maximum XP overflow. This still needs some tweaking, so feedback is appreciated BTW "it doesnt work" is not the feedback that im after.

I have also included a few other bug fixes which were long needed, ie sitting in the marketplace trying to do jobs :D

Locking up and stopping when stamina was under 75, which im pretty sure is fixed, but if not fill me in.....

i also added in some code that should help detect levelups so not to waste stamina or energy on backupjobs etc

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Changes are afoot

Today i was talking to a friend about a script that i host and modded for him, i was just going to link him to my new fightscript and say give this a go, when i decided id check the link first... i did it gave me a odd message on screen.

I didnt host a script that had that in it. I automatically sent a message to my friend

who works in IT and had given me that area of the website to host scripts on.

i then decided to check another script in the same folder and got the same result...
checked another folder, same thing.

checked my site, same thing.

Checked the main site...

oh crap.

i then sent another message to my friend to give him the message the site had gone walkies...

Inshort, the domain is expired and if not renewed il be moving to another host, but il be needing my friend to report back about that firstly.

i checked messages and i saw someone had sent me a message about new features that were in the drone before it went down.
New Restart Timers
Fightcode not working properly.

I have no idea of these features, other scripts can inject into my script tho (kinda like a spock plugin) so these may of been them.


MW Changes!?

Thru the MW Grapevine theres said to be a new city releasing in October.
With rumors to follow that vegas will close...

If those are true...

Yay a new copy paste city...

Bad new if vegas closes as the stamina burn on fight jobs is one of the quickest ways to burn off thousands of stamina.

Now i was nice enough to counter this months ago by sugguesting the following to the devs in the ignored forums of doom and gloom, where no feedback is given on things you say.

forum link here

New city could have stamina jobs which would make vegas going acceptable. but if it doesnt protest? with burning torches?

oh and did i tell you i have a new fighting script?