Friday, 7 December 2012

No more friendly faces

"With power comes great responsibility, respect and importance, if you have none of the later, you only have power"

This one is for some of the now Ex-Zynga employees.

Due to Zyngas' continuing failing business model, the once flush with millions & millions of gamers per a game (and with a big selection of games to chose from that was impressive), it has now dwindled down to mere millions of gamers per a game (some only hundreds of thousands per a game).

Meetings behind closed doors were held, and a restructure of the place was in order, how would they go about this? would they be able to pull off the biggest rescue mission of all? save their own company?

The basics were in place, they would actually look at there customers feedback for once, this was/has been largely non exsistant and has been the trend since just after the begining for them, yes in the begining they were good, had staff that listened, took feedback, made changes off that feedback and communicated with the players. The plan in place was yes look at actual feedback and combine that with what there biggest earning games were, and cut the ones that had caused losses.

The christmas present to there loyal longtime employees aka contractors were that they all got a christmas holiday, however they made this a permanent holiday cutting many contracts short and outsourcing there jobs, the communication that was there is once again severed, the gamers may not of relised it yet, but when they find that they have to start yet once again on making communication with some n00b mods that are a silly bunch, mad with there new found powers of moddum, they might finally just call it quits, the new mods usually have no idea of the game and cant relate to the gamers that have played the game for 3 years and have seen every change/thing thats been forced upon us.

I  dont think il bother getting to know any of the new mods, why waste my time when they just wont understand and give me a copy/paste answer from their textbook "how to deal with people that are wrong" having a quick look over there i can see maybe two mods? i have no idea, they wont introduce themselves or stick around to talk about the product they are meant to be helping people out in. The forums itself is dead, dont get me wrong theres knowledge there. However that knowledge may as well be for a completely different game, walkthrus, guides, the lot are all to be found there, but all outdated by the ever increasing crap that the game pushed out and changed, not changed for the better but for the worse when the communication lines went dead so did a large chunk of the playerbase. I dont see mafiawars making much of a come back at all, i see them testing "new technology" so they can spawn that off into other new games and in doing so increasing the disgruntled players causing more to drop off the DAU/MAU.

If i ever have a business that can come close to what Zynga once was, id be proud, however i would make sure i treated it and its staff alot differently. after all happy customers + happy staff with a mix of good communication is a great business model.

i myself am pretty much done with the game, only really staying to keep the scripts updated, but once i can get them self sustaining, (which im aiming to do so now) il be gone too.

To wrap this all up: 

I can still remember the first mods/others that have supported the gamers and to them i thank them all, even tho some left the company some time ago, some due to the way America structures its contract systems. id like to thank:
Hitman Fred, Niki King, Parizad, Bandilero, Al gore, CM, HD, Rinzler, Midnight Marauder, Blue Eyed Nate
I cant remember the ones that are double ups ;) I'm sure theres some ive missed, but its been a good time with all even when i gave them hell, and i (also known as MrSimy0) wish the recently departed ones goodluck with there future.