Saturday, 13 October 2012

The "Upset Brat" Effect

What a week!

I forced Drone version 4 upon everyone due to a lack of feedback, because i knew it was buggy as and full of errors which i needed reported so i could find them and fix them, so i took some code out, Secondry options and other new features i had been working on.

I fixed quite a few errorz and bugs :) but was left with more-that so far i havent been able to fix. I still yet cant find any code that would give me the slightess hint of what is causing them.

So for the minute Drone v4 is on the backburner and long live Drone series 3.

I feel there was a few fixes that some people never got, i use CDN to ease the load on my server, this causes some of my updates to take anywhere from minutes to hours to even days to get out to all people. If i say the script is updated and your still seeing the same old version, then chances are it hasnt updated for you yet.

Cant take the kid to Hollywood, so take Hollywood to the kid
so with the undecided future of drone v4, its new features needed to get let out of the box.

My issue with new features is it causes new vars, which need to be saved and with every new var all settings get wiped.

So to combat the people that start drone and dont notice that its settings has been wiped i added a "Settings Refreshed" statement that flashes and then disappears :) aswell as an increasing version number. This should only appear and flash when the settings for drone dont exsist or have been wiped (same thing?!?).

What is new!?
I <3 new stuff!

Learn Energy Reqs: This learns Brazil, Chicago & London energy requirements, so if you havent mastered the district, or have different requirement than other accounts example
one on the left has energy requirements of 324, account on the right has energy requirements of 18.
Both ruby'd just Zynga being special. Drone had the requirements for the "Secure Hooch to sell to your Joint" hardcoded in at 324, but if you click the button "Learn Energy Reqs" it will now change the requirements to 18 energy :)

Learnt new energy cost, energy cost per job is now 18..

This is great for accounts that havent mastered some districts, or like to farm the secret districts on different mastery stages.

Autopost for crew: When under 18, Autoposting can cause issues on some accounts. Disable if you experience them
Finaly i added this in (took me long enough) Autoposting doesnt work after a autopost limit has been reached by MW/FB, and then the crew posts start appearing on screen and clog up everything, somepeople had an excess of 80 popups to click thru, (sorry!), and some dont have autoposting at all, so ive lowered the autopost crew limit right down so instead of clicking at 30, it now clicks at 18 if enabled.
Smart Level:Is London Fully Mastered This works in conjunction with Smart Level
Is Chicago Fully Mastered  This works in conjunction with Smart Level
Is Brazil Fully Mastered? This works in conjunction with Smart Level

These 4 options are all
combined! This will try and give you a big XP jump onto your next level, so if you have 3-4 thousand energy left and only another 50xp untill you level, this will switch jobs, depending on what you have mastered and click the jobs in an attempt to give you maximum XP overflow. This still needs some tweaking, so feedback is appreciated BTW "it doesnt work" is not the feedback that im after.

I have also included a few other bug fixes which were long needed, ie sitting in the marketplace trying to do jobs :D

Locking up and stopping when stamina was under 75, which im pretty sure is fixed, but if not fill me in.....

i also added in some code that should help detect levelups so not to waste stamina or energy on backupjobs etc