Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Changes are afoot

Today i was talking to a friend about a script that i host and modded for him, i was just going to link him to my new fightscript and say give this a go, when i decided id check the link first... i did it gave me a odd message on screen.

I didnt host a script that had that in it. I automatically sent a message to my friend

who works in IT and had given me that area of the website to host scripts on.

i then decided to check another script in the same folder and got the same result...
checked another folder, same thing.

checked my site, same thing.

Checked the main site...

oh crap.

i then sent another message to my friend to give him the message the site had gone walkies...

Inshort, the domain is expired and if not renewed il be moving to another host, but il be needing my friend to report back about that firstly.

i checked messages and i saw someone had sent me a message about new features that were in the drone before it went down.
New Restart Timers
Fightcode not working properly.

I have no idea of these features, other scripts can inject into my script tho (kinda like a spock plugin) so these may of been them.


MW Changes!?

Thru the MW Grapevine theres said to be a new city releasing in October.
With rumors to follow that vegas will close...

If those are true...

Yay a new copy paste city...

Bad new if vegas closes as the stamina burn on fight jobs is one of the quickest ways to burn off thousands of stamina.

Now i was nice enough to counter this months ago by sugguesting the following to the devs in the ignored forums of doom and gloom, where no feedback is given on things you say.

forum link here

New city could have stamina jobs which would make vegas going acceptable. but if it doesnt protest? with burning torches?

oh and did i tell you i have a new fighting script?