Friday, 6 April 2012


Recently i was pointed to an article, this one in fact.

Frankly i do not care, about the selling/trading of accounts or "<insert name here>" I'm not writing this out of spite. Infact i dont even seeing this post go anywhere. So why post it?

Why? because asked!

During the life span of this game i have seen many accounts sold, traded and of course banned accounts.

Some accounts have had "uber" glitches occur and have had alot of skillpoints appear out of nowhere, other accounts had Zynga server side data corruption occur and of course there is good ol' CS which when starting out would believe a duped screenshot and set the account to what it was shown or just general clumsyness by them with accidental stat change [1].

One person *not named use to sell loot and on occasions buy accounts, this was before the ever so popular status that they maintain now a day. One such account was a Zynga data corrupted account, that had alot of skillpoints (think millions), the person spent alot of time getting the energy in the account to other 800,000 and now can do quick walk thrus/documenting it as they go of new citys/locations. This account was fixed but Zynga left the energy alone. I warned the person not to do X amount of jobs in one day as it would cause a fight/gift/ban to trigger, they didn't heed my warning and on a lootdrop demonstration it ended up passing the amount and was auto banned to fight/gift/ban status.

When going to the above account it has exactly the same as the one pictured in an article with no links to attack it etc, it only has "remove from mafia".

On the subject of  sold/traded accounts one easy way to do this is just play the slots on that persons profile, Zynga store the original fb data of a persons account so if you went to a sold account that had changed there name it would show the original fb name instead of the newly changed one.

I must admit i find the article in general a bit of a "who cares, drama drama" saga. I fully understand Zynga been mad @ a "whale" for giving them the finger flicking off their account which in turn means that Zynga isnt getting another $ out of the whale and that the person that brought it now doesnt have to spend anything near what they would on their account to get it to the stats of the newly brought account.

Zynga even had one from their own select PAC v1 sell his account of which i dont see banned (yet). which had inflated stats from Zynga.
Once again, i think its good on the person for selling off their money draining addiction, esp to a company that over its short past has shown its customers that they dont care and its just one big slippery slope to the bottom. I dont see the unmentioned people having their accounts effected, one might... however the other it makes no business sense for Zynga to go and do so, as maintaining the unlevel playing field is an inside joke to them.