Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Once upon a time...

This picture should speak volumes, not only is it crappy quality because its so old, but its from a time when MW was popular! So popular!! it could boast having "Over 4 Million Played Yesterday!" that number reached 6million in later months...

It was a good time, the devs talked to the players, boosted some accounts (LOL lots of accounts), took bribes (got fired), boosted more accounts, gave out godfather points (RP's), hired players that could only be considered as the gods of their time and a hinderence to players getting to far ahead, these players knew how to play the game unlimitedly, marathon sessions were held where they could play the game straight for days (literally) these guys & girls wrote the books and guides on how to be top of the game without spending a dime, they knew the glitches and bugs days before they were posted everywhere, MWG & MWLL didnt even exsist!

If you wanted info you went to the forums, subsections were carved out and players wrote walkthroughs and guides on new loot and new locations. Scripts exsisted but not like the ones you have today, spockholm was still finding his feet, the script0rs before him were getting tired of the constant requests for features in their scripts and up and left, the times were good.

Then Zynga started messing with things in a big way, contact was cut with the majority of its playerbase, infractions were handed out left right and center on its forums, complaints just started rolling in...

Zyngas QA started working overtime as the games popularity shot so high, that the demand for features to keep the players here, interested and to get them to start spending/spending more was making bugs and exploits appear everywhere. Having worked with the QA team at the time and getting perks i can say that they were great and i miss the times of lengthy conversations of me not knowing how to format my steps on howto replicate the bugs, im sure they ripped their hair out multiple times but they were a great team!

Zyngas decision to go inhouse and cut pretty much all communications with their players was a mere instant and slow death, they put Devs to talk to the players on the forums made many promises that they then went back on, deleted the threads so that those conversations never exsisted, then they would repeat the process with a different dev name/person untill they gave up as they had failed.They did revisit this with a certain Nate & PAC, who did start to get places but in the end he left and was never replaced and it ceased to work properly after this

During this time the playerbase was excited about bugs and exploits and were in overdrive to find them, themselves before Zynga could find them and fix them. Lots of bugs were found and fixed! There were a few that resulted in lawsuits with Zynga having to settle, Hacking of facebook accounts thru a simple change of MW code was one of the big ones and resulted in the top players table been pulled from the game. With most bugs/exploits there usually was a few ways to do it, Zynga would usually only patch one way, resulting in the second or third way been still open untill those too were reported and fixed aswell.

I did really hum and har about posting this, but i thought hey i should let players know that hacking accounts still works so i made a video, i packed all the code into a bookmarklet and hid the url bar so that you couldnt see what was done or the URL, i also opened up multiple tabs so that you couldnt see the full players PID, the most funniest part to me is im generating a random PID, the one i got in the vid couldnt of been a better generated PID, it shows that the account is VIP and i could play their game, im nice enough not to spend any of their RP's.

There are more exploits and things that still exsist, Remember cloning loot? they fixed it once, then a year later they fixed it again (A couple of months back) but yet theres still ways to clone loot...

Vid of the account

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  1. very true in back days player were communicating between them help them like a family but now they were so busy in themselves as new events pop ups rapidly