Friday, 7 December 2012

No more friendly faces

"With power comes great responsibility, respect and importance, if you have none of the later, you only have power"

This one is for some of the now Ex-Zynga employees.

Due to Zyngas' continuing failing business model, the once flush with millions & millions of gamers per a game (and with a big selection of games to chose from that was impressive), it has now dwindled down to mere millions of gamers per a game (some only hundreds of thousands per a game).

Meetings behind closed doors were held, and a restructure of the place was in order, how would they go about this? would they be able to pull off the biggest rescue mission of all? save their own company?

The basics were in place, they would actually look at there customers feedback for once, this was/has been largely non exsistant and has been the trend since just after the begining for them, yes in the begining they were good, had staff that listened, took feedback, made changes off that feedback and communicated with the players. The plan in place was yes look at actual feedback and combine that with what there biggest earning games were, and cut the ones that had caused losses.

The christmas present to there loyal longtime employees aka contractors were that they all got a christmas holiday, however they made this a permanent holiday cutting many contracts short and outsourcing there jobs, the communication that was there is once again severed, the gamers may not of relised it yet, but when they find that they have to start yet once again on making communication with some n00b mods that are a silly bunch, mad with there new found powers of moddum, they might finally just call it quits, the new mods usually have no idea of the game and cant relate to the gamers that have played the game for 3 years and have seen every change/thing thats been forced upon us.

I  dont think il bother getting to know any of the new mods, why waste my time when they just wont understand and give me a copy/paste answer from their textbook "how to deal with people that are wrong" having a quick look over there i can see maybe two mods? i have no idea, they wont introduce themselves or stick around to talk about the product they are meant to be helping people out in. The forums itself is dead, dont get me wrong theres knowledge there. However that knowledge may as well be for a completely different game, walkthrus, guides, the lot are all to be found there, but all outdated by the ever increasing crap that the game pushed out and changed, not changed for the better but for the worse when the communication lines went dead so did a large chunk of the playerbase. I dont see mafiawars making much of a come back at all, i see them testing "new technology" so they can spawn that off into other new games and in doing so increasing the disgruntled players causing more to drop off the DAU/MAU.

If i ever have a business that can come close to what Zynga once was, id be proud, however i would make sure i treated it and its staff alot differently. after all happy customers + happy staff with a mix of good communication is a great business model.

i myself am pretty much done with the game, only really staying to keep the scripts updated, but once i can get them self sustaining, (which im aiming to do so now) il be gone too.

To wrap this all up: 

I can still remember the first mods/others that have supported the gamers and to them i thank them all, even tho some left the company some time ago, some due to the way America structures its contract systems. id like to thank:
Hitman Fred, Niki King, Parizad, Bandilero, Al gore, CM, HD, Rinzler, Midnight Marauder, Blue Eyed Nate
I cant remember the ones that are double ups ;) I'm sure theres some ive missed, but its been a good time with all even when i gave them hell, and i (also known as MrSimy0) wish the recently departed ones goodluck with there future.


  1. Darren Fozzzie Foskett8 December 2012 at 06:07

    We know where you live.

    1. i know where i live too, so good for when im on the way home from the pub...

  2. I so loved this game!! Especially the original spirit of it. I played for four years from MySpace to Facebook and met tons of interesting people some of whom will be friends for life, including you simy :). HitMan Fred who long before zynga had a real forum And back when it was unheard of to communicate with zynga, he actually helped people and engaged them in the game. Band, al, rinz, and cm were all great mods under the structured z forum. Z has never seemed to understand what made people want to play, socialize, or spend tons on thier game. Well maybe z never really cared to figure it out since pumping out a new game and giving incentives to cross over for a special item made them appear so successful for theri going public. In the meantime their loyal player base was dropping like pancakes. 3 months ago I became one of those former players. I took a week off to move and z threw five events out that day. On top of the stam changes that made me burn through my stam in minutes what I used to have hours of fun going through in a war. Lol I assume to get me to buy stam refills. I did spend thousands on this game and I won't spend a dime more because every time I do they change it, and not for the better! I haven't played since I took off to move months ago and I have no desire to do so. I'm enjoying keeping up with old friends in the fb groups but z killed the game for me finally. Goes to show how strong the original spirit of the game was for it to take that long to finally accept that that part of the game was never coming back lol.
    This blog post made me smile simy to remember the fun times and the great people. I don't think there is anyone left working at zynga who can remember half those names you mentioned lol. .......kimmerz

  3. I had a hell of a good time, met some crazy ass people, and even made new friends and family. Life is what we make it and I wouldn't change my time with Zynga or what I did. I had some kick ass boss's especially Mike D, Mike H and Christina P, Dyan J not so much. I also worked with some great Devs and QA Henry G, Justin S, Sarah U, Izzy aka lizard, Amber, Andrew S, Anna, Daryl H, Dutch, Eric aka Motts, Graham F, Jason R, Micah F, Eric R, Kendra E, Mike M, Rich, Mitch Z, Jimmy G, John V, Henry G, Eric S, Jeff M, Stuart S, Devin D, Adam B, Mike McD, John V, Ryan J, Scott H, Tigran M, Justin S, Roger D, Alex M, Paul C, Parizad P, Justin C, Moises M, Yamboa sorry for the rest of you I didn't mention and a special shout of to Herbert D for being a hell of a Forum Commander.

    I had a great time with my friends and family I made playing the game. I don't say internet friends or internet family because to me they are my real friends and real family. I know I could pick up the phone and call any of them and just talk and they would be there to listen. I could send an email and or skype with them as well and know they would also respond. I do thank Zynga for that. I am thankful you all came into my life and you know who you are Kim, Simmy0, Dianne, Mandy, Rad, Zin, Lasse, Shelly, Ashley, Alyson, Trish, Guy, Tim, Norie, Martin, Heather, Elizabeth, Steve, Carmen, Fauna, Pete, Arash, Billy, Catherine, Petka, Karen, Rene, Mio, Stacy, Yasir, Jen, Amanda and so many more.

    I can honestly say it was an interesting 18 months of being an outside contractor. We all had so many great times, making web sites, answering questions, making chatrooms, bouncing ideas to give to Zynga, becoming good friends, later some of us becoming family, sharing with each other, using exploits as I waited to turn them in, you guys finding exploits and turning them in, and of course bonding because of Mafia Wars. I cab honestly say that as the Zynga window closes and they continue to fail we have remained true to each other. The say you get what you put into something and Karma comes back to get you. Well we showed giving back to each other strengthened us as Zynga just kept taking they fell apart.

    HitMan Fred aka Mike
    Stopped working for Zynga May 2010
    Retired Mafia Wars Player Since Jan 2011

  4. mike <3. Last week I found out they closed vamps so I visited their forum to read up on how zynga would reward them with a package to move to another game. It was a confirmation to me that even z knows the end is near. Those people were left high and dry. It did give me a smile remembering the vamp exploit and the group of regular vampire players finding us in chat. Fun stuff.

    I don't regret a thing either. Not even the money lol. I had a blast with that game and everyone I met.

  5. You All Rock!!!!!! The old myspace Mafia Wars was the best. I also got to meet a great bunch of people, had some really fun times in xat The old forum was the best.. remember when they would There are to many stories to The blue
    I have lost touch with most of you all, but I do read your posts, and I'm still on a few group pages..hate to see you leave something you once loved.. I lost interest long ago..
    I went into hiding and was gonna turn States Evidence on you all, I just couldn't do it cuz you are all the Greatest thing that came out of this thing they call the I said YOU PEOPLE ROCK !!!

    †☠ The Illegalest ☠† - MWHS

    1. P.S.

      Simmy0 good luck on what ever your gonna do, I'm sure you will be great at it....

  6. Three of my favorite MW people all in one place! = D Zynga never got that it wasn't the game so much of the connections made. Whether is be connections like ours made in chat rooms, or the interaction of the forums in its early days where you could get info and meet players. In the end it was just a place to see how little Zynga valued their customers and forum employees. It has been a ride watching the rise and fall of Zynga. A real lesson on how not to run a company. lol ~ Mandy

    1. I should say 4 because timmerz was posting at the same time I was. =P

  7. huge respect to you X, its been a while since i 1st encountered you at MTF, guys like you made my game experience worthwhile and i ty for it, i wish you well in all things bro, keep in touch @ skype (bow)

  8. I found this on why people hate zynga FROM A X COWORKER "Summarized List of Issues With Zynga
    Zynga is known for stealing concepts, ideas, processes and throwing money and advertising at them and not returning anything to the people who are responsible for them in an effort to steal a competitors business.
    Zynga has gained bad publicity with many people after making terrible in-app purchases that destroy the concept of their games by selling power / cheats. A prime example is with their game 'Words With Friends' which had consumable cheats as a purchasable option.

    Zynga treats their employees poorly, stressful working environments, long hours, relentless tracking of progress. There is an old quote from Mark Pincus "I don't fucking want innovation. You're not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers." (Mark is the co-founder of Zynga and currently sits on the Board of Directors)
    Zynga doesn't care about their gamers, they care about money and have absolutely no respect for their paying, unpaying or potential customers."

    Zygna has already been sued by Digital Chocolate for the use of the Mafia Wars name. According to another employee, lawsuits have been accounted for, with the company mindful of possible settlements. "I was around meetings where things like that were being discussed, and the ramifications of things like that were being discussed -- the fact that they'd probably be sued by the people who designed the game," he says. "And the thought was, 'Well, that's fine, we'll settle.' Our case wasn't really defensible."
    Zynga loves to profit from the ignorant.

    The cards are dealt in algorithms, basically meaning they're not random and they never will be random. You have 13 individual cards, each individual card has 4 suits. If you were to play real poker with real cards, it would take a very long time before you noticed any type of pattern, if there is a pattern at all. Why? Because real poker is 100% random, It's impossible for patterns to form with this type of odds. Zynga poker is 100% predetermined, that's why you see pattern after pattern repeat over and over again. Totally rigged.

    The way the scam works is that when you first start, odds are in your favor, and you will be allowed to build up a significant bankroll. However if at some point you don't buy chips, you will start to lose, and continue to lose, right down to zero chips. All in the hope that you will give in and buy chips.Zynga is a business after all, and under no obligation to provide a fair game, and they don't.