Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Let the script wars begin.

Top 4 be cheaters right?

I dont have screenshots of the last time this event ran, and i wasnt going to go steal/borrow/nick them off ol' MWLL (esp after she had a little bitch about someone else doing it).

moving on...

but im pretty sure the top 4 looked rather similar.

What you have is crowd sourcing folk that have played the game long enough and know how to beat the system.

Ladies & gentlemen, start your engines.

Most successfull folk in mw have one or two alts even if they dont admit it, but some have alot more, one certain person i know has 36, another 60, sure facebook did there best to kill off some of them, but with a sign up process that can be done in under 10minutes including making a free email address at the ever growing places on the internet, an army of purposeful alts can be built within the hour. i know alot of people that average about 15-20alts most never are used, but when they are theres a reason for them and the person that runs them? ever event completed and completed the maximum times if there are free resets (ie gift mastery events)

I use to have a little archive of photos that people had sent me of there "Mafiawars Setups" which usually included 3 laptops and a desktop pcs each running a handfull of profiles in multiple browsers. Zynga tried to fix this issue by introducing IP Throttling, which killed the response time if too many requests were sent in from one IP, or made pages fail to load,  this killed a lot of farms down because at the time of introduction it was when people could farm and gift usefull loot (was more aimed at loot sellers), but people found they could still run an average of 4-5 accounts at once.

Scripts made this event entirely easy to dominate:
Step 1: Turn on autoheal on your main, hell even set it to go fight.
Step 2: turn on first alt to just attack your main, if your alt only has 100 health, then it is only 5 hits and your alt is iced which then gives your main one ice which is put towards the event. in long: Your main gains wins and an ice and looks like it legitly made an ice which triggers the event and gives you the point.
Step 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and so on is a repeat of Step 2 just with different alts.

The top 4 has:
numbers in there redtag, and if they each had lets say 20alts each they could be gaining 20 ices a minute, but hey with Zynga lag and stamina reqs + health timers i would put the number closer to 100 ices per 10 minutes.

So cheating or not? i dont think so, all i would call it is beating the system that is provided. the figures of the top group would mean it iced over 6000 people each over the duration of the event, which is a little impossible when it would have meant they iced the current MAU of MW 3x over, goodluck proving that considering the servers/grouplings that is provided.


  1. 100 members*20 mini acc = 2000 accounts*20 ices in a minute=40.000 ices IN A MINUTE
    You're very stupid...
    I'm from 1 of that crew and all i can say that only 10 members had 3-5 mini acc....
    Other people had only 1 account and 1 mini....
    Many of that people from crew don't even know how to combine and make attacks from 2 browser...
    And please tell me how you gonna make that 20 mini accounts attack your main account with
    1 regular pc with 4 gb of RAM memory....you're know what i'm talkin about - 20 tabs open with
    1 browser in regular pc (impossible)
    You're funny and mad because you have crew with 1000 stamina

    1. i liked that you read the rest, where i then made it = 100 ices per 10 minutes.

      my computer has 8gb
      my laptop has 4gb

      my laptop can handle quite a few :)

      i alone have 11k of stamina, quite a small number, no idea of the rest of people in my crew.

      Also feel free to explain how you iced the MAU 3x over in mere days.

    2. Truth hurts isnt it ?
      Wat Guessx wrote here many ppl know abt it apart from u so called top clans.Bt You know wat I'm least bothered abt those results.Those results are for noobs who doesn't know a thing abt MW.Rest others know which clan has how much of potential ;)
      And trust me You r depressingly wrong abt stamina .On this date average stamina is above 5k & I alone can spend 500k stam a day If I play fully.But I dont hv the time to run 10 alts even If I had I wudnt waste it :D
      BTW Congrats on ur hard work

    3. 1st commenter is a dumbass,next time read and use ur brain then won't need to cry and think ur right then hide behind anonymous

  2. Lucifer has a private script that loads many mini accounts onto the 1 tab & you can then ice the shit out of them.. i have 10 minis on 1 tab auto healing.... & i am icing the shit out of them...i doesn't take up much mem as well it goes hard...

  3. You are welcome to use any of my images. I know you are decent enough to reference them. I used one of your in the past. The person I threw a fit about stole all the images from my Mission Walkthough (which I spent rps to get), photoshopped out the watermarks and tried to play dumb after I provided proof that they were my images. Here is the one you are looking for and yes 3 of the 4 are the same.