Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Recent zBotting Activity

As an author of a script that performs automatic activity within the game, (Drone.〤) I find it sad that Zynga have banned two accounts with the only real thing in common is their high level

Yash Lawrence, level 38,686

Dean Anders, level 71,196.

Zynga have mentioned before (and just the other day) that "The use of bots or scripts (pieces of software code that allow you to automatically play the game) are strictly prohibited as per Zynga’s Term of Service. Such bots/scripts hinder the fair play of the game, create excessive load on our servers, and can introduce errors into the game. Such use of bots and scripts are grounds for refusal of customer service request and could lead to account suspension."

I agree with some of that, as some fight scripts can be quite nasty and have yet always been seemingly allowed, however for people that just want to serial level and use scripts such as "repeatjob by spockholm" which tends to have little botting in it, as all it does is repeat one job over and over or "robber bg by spockholm" which just robs over and over, both have hardcoded speed limiter in place which dont overload Zynga servers, both also are good for burning both HUGE or small energy & stamina amounts. Other scripts include variations of the above or go completely different, ie OGP (Which is currently kept uptodate by Simony) which gives the extact same thing but combines both those mentioned scripts into one and will switch between the both of them. Theres also my Drone.〤 & MWAP/RX6, all have hard coded speed options in them so that you cannot "create excessive load on Zynga servers".

The scripts all mirror ingame activity otherwise they dont work as intended, i cant code a wrong link into Drone and expect it to work properly, so i fail to see how we can rewrite Zyngas' servers to "introduce errors into the game"
and im sure everyone remembers the last Zynga statement on them blamming scripts when they introduced the "Change in the Collection of Energy and Stamina Stats from Properties" and then blammed users on running scripts that stopped them from getting a more in energy/stamina countdown timer. (fixed that bug yet Zygna? lol) Which made one user go out of their way to replicate the issue using only Zyngas poor coding, and making sure they used no scripts of which they also got the error.

Facebook reports that there are 350,000 daily players of Mafia wars left, Spockholm Mafia Tools has 284,533 fans. which sure means they have a huge fanbase, however im sure not all fans are active in the game anymore, for example how many alts have people gone in and clicked like with and then abandoned the accounts ;) but still it is a huge number and when it represents a large percentage of the player base it sure means that scripts are here and well used. i only have 1397 of "likes" but yet i have had 185,531 Unique users of my one script Drone.〤, which is just over half of the fb reported users. (My figures come from Google Analytics, that one started from 0 with the series 3 release which was only back in June)

According to MafiaTornado there are 16 players above level 35,000 (not entirely sure if record is extact) 2 of which are now known banned accounts (above). Is Zynga going to go thru and ban them all? I'm sure they won't as one of their big spenders is on the list "[RYfG] =§W€D€="

Zynga threatening to refuse CS if bots are detected, how do they know your using a bot? Everything a bot can do, a human can do aswell. Same patterns, click style, the works.

Due to the lack of response by Zynga a group has been set up to support Dean Anders & Yash Lawrence called ZYNGA, GIVE DEAN ANDERS AND YASH LAWRENCE THEIR ACCOUNTS BACK  which are planning Boycotts & VIP cancelling. Numbers started off small but with a quick refresh the group has doubled in size and is still growing, Some are saying they will straight out quit MW to show their support, with one person even saying they would quit the current PAC.

Alot of users happily admit to script usage as its the accepted thing these days. 

To echo MWLL's words "It’s been fun for the community to watch his progress as Dean has kept everyone up to date on where he was. Dean has been a part of the community and in the Mafia Wars Gods (MWG) for years. He helps other players and has worked hard to get his account to the level it is. "

So Zynga Give Dean Anders & Yash Lawrence their accounts back!


  1. Just a question...
    Why they don't suspend Loot Lady's accounts, when she cleary claims the using of scripts?

    PS: I have nothing against her. Actually i think she does a great job for Mafia Wars community. It's just to compare the different guidelines.

    1. no idea, to me it makes "business" sense to keep her active, because without her they would have no free agents to write up walkthrus, howtos etc, and every other little aspect of the game she covers, YES there are other bloggers but they dont go into as much detail/dont cover as much and dont have the followers

  2. Excellent Post.. At Point where it Hurts :)

  3. Excellent post ,If they so want to ban high level account then why not ban the big spenders too who have reached high levels ?? Why only the non C.C players ??

  4. Zynga are just dumb asses I remember when the game started It used to be FUN was FREE and EVERYONE was equal.So we used to get iced and there were a few glitches So what? When the game started Zynga had something like 13 million daily users (so they claimed) for mw alone.They allowed players to grow fast They let people put everything into energy or health or whatever they chose to put it into.Now just because a few people have proven how stupid the way they designed the game to be played id they have banned permanently the best players who pointed out the shortcomings of zyngas own design. I say up yours zynga If you didnt expect people to beat the game why the f..k did you even bother in the first place? Dont you think by now people are sick of your whining when you get it wrong? Instead of punishing the people who have worked the system out ask them just how the hell they managed it and work with them to improve yhe game and get rid of all the glitches and fix what needs fixing.This way you not only get a better quality game but a more loyal fan base and better game play.

    1. Very WELL Said Russell!!
      Zynga needs to Stop all the Credit Carding. Get it back like it was in the Past!! FREE,FUN and let EVERYONE PLAY as a EQUAL. BUILD your Account Up with the LOOT that is Available. Put your Skill Points where you Want/Need them.. Not BUY Skill Points, LOOT with a CARD.. EARN THEM & the LOOT! If you Lose in FIGHTING its Because you Haven't Got the LOOT, (NOT because some @zz Wipe BOUGHT it with a Credit Card). THIS IS WHY THIS GAME HAS WENT TO HELL!! IT WON'T COME BACK LIKE IT WAS BEFORE.... UNLESS THEY STOP ALL THE CREDIT CARDS!!!

    2. Martinus Cuijpers19 July 2012 at 15:50

      I don't think it's the credit card and game card buying players that are the problem. Think they for now are keeping the game free and "in the air" for the rest of us. Zynga is a company out there to try and make a profit. Like search engines, newspapers and other sites they get money per 1,000 clicks from the ads in the right hand column. No clicks, no money.
      Trying to make more money they shopped around with the number of user they had and introduced cross promotions with certain companies ... get points by participating. As most of us remember the huge success they had with the 7-Eleven event, the (free) codes that were being traded online etc. this seemed to work.
      But like the entire world knows, people like to cut corners, use rules to their own advantage and bitch about getting caught not complying with rules, esp if they think the rules are injust. That's where we are today ... from the numbers we can tell that most players feel the rules are unjust and it is completely accepted to use script even though they are against Zynga's terms. And if they do act against violators, they should take them all down ... but as the numbers show, then our beloved and sometimes hated Mafia Wars will go down the drain

  5. Well put. I use the drone (thank you very much!), because i must achieve the goal. Why is there a max limit, if we cant strive to reach it? If i didnt use the drone, or any script, how fast and endless can you imagine my clicking away 200,000 energy would be?
    I too fear suspension, but I can't stop trying for the goal.
    I am, El Burro! I live to level.
    We stand behind Yash and Dean.
    We stand tall, and we stand proud.

  6. I can actually use my 35k Energy ALOT quicker manually rather than using 3 windows with repeat job open. I can hammer and hammer away on the clicker, so I'd say my manual play strains the servers more than scripts.

    During battles I get dozens of unusual activity warnings, never had one with assassinator :)

  7. MW POP UP:

    How likely are you to recommend Mafia Wars to friends or family?
    answer: -0- not likely at all

    Reason given: Zynga is unfair in closing of Dean Anders &Yash Lawrence accts. Too many accts being closed by FB. In return, our accts are NOT safe, why should players invest time effort & $$$ on MW??? There are also WAY too many things going on in game at 1 time. Game used to be fun but not its too damn much work.

  8. They suspended my account indefinitely on Feb 25. I sent messages, I created a page for support and had my friends pepper them with messages. Just bounced off, got same stupid reply over and over, you have violated TOS section 1.9 yadda-yadda. However, when I went through the BBB, 15 days for case to be resolved...badda bing.

    Contact Better Business , they will do just about anything to not have a blemish or unresolved complaint. File complaint.

  9. Well there is always Farmville or my new Favorite---->World of Tanks

  10. It's clear the accounts they are targeting . I mean hell , the first post said it all .......
    "If they so want to ban high level account then why not ban the big spenders too who have reached high levels ?? Why only the non C.C players ??"

    Bingo , sounds to me like cheaters are the How do you get 135,000 stamina without using a CC in the game??? Granted...if level 35,000 it would add up , but when you have high health , energy and stamina??? AND you're not using a CC ??? It's clear where the outrageous stats came from. Just curious....was this an Indonesian account ???

    1. Are you serious? Outrageous stats? These stats look pretty normal for non-paid account. I'm 10 times lower level and my stats are a bit better than 1/10 of their stats. Difference probably comes from att/def.
      I can level non stop and I have enough attack and defense to fight.
      I have never paid for anything in MW and I rarely use the RP I get from level up.
      Also, what does Indonesia have to do with all this?

  11. Zynga is just mad that people can create high level drone accounts to fight against CC accounts without spending any $$$. The average Joe with a level 2500 CC account with 35k combined skills is equivalent to a level 8000 drone account that didn't spend a penny on skills.

  12. I just noticed that the RobX script has been moved, but you aren't showing it. Any help?