Monday, 14 May 2012

Updates from the third PAC v2.0 Meeting

A special meeting of PAC v2.0 was called to discuss scripting a few days ago.  I was going to wait until something was posted by Zynga, but why wait? (plus i promised to keep you informed).

Let's go back to the FIRST PAC v2.0 meeting. They (Zynga) brought up the something that reminded me of a beta of something they had released before called, "the Witness Protection Program". This was a failed program and was only rolled out to a small number of users of which some still have. Over a year ago Zynga did beta testing on this. If you signed up for it, you got 24 hours of no one hitting you but this was a failure, caz then you couldnt burn stamina at all. They (Zynga) did bring this up at the first PAC v2.0 meeting with a question of "Would the players be interested in being able to block up to 5 other players and prevent them from hitting? Game play would continue as normal". Personally i'd like to thank the PAC for actually asking the community on if they would of liked this feature... oh wait they didnt...

Back to the latest special meeting call, it didnt go so well, because after about an hour other people started joining the call! But, before it ended there was a tiny hint about the bully throttle playing a more important role in the game.  My sources tell me that Zynga is considering taking the bully throttle a step further.  Once the throttle is activated, you won't be able to hit the player again at all.  No word on how long before you can kill them again.

Maybe the next meeting will go better and there won't be an "overlap" and they (the PAC) might be able to decide on something, rather than wasting Zynga's time and nothing been done or decided for the playerbase?


  1. Any of this will f**k up clan wars. Block the 5 strongest players, or just let them kill you 50 times and then kill the lowers... no that won't work because you can only kill each of them 50 times.... war is over when everyone is bully throttled.

  2. zynga simply needs to have their system track all attaks per account... make it a policy to take bullying seriously, and then when a complaint is filed, they simply only need to loot at that personas account and see they attacked 1 person 50 thousand times over the last week and see there is a clear case of bullying, and that person then serves a suspension.
    every suspension gets longer if caught again and again.
    the only negative is that they will also have a problem with false reports, or if someone is attacked 150 times to get 1 ice, then they feel they are bullied.
    at any rate, bullying has become a huge problem, and something does need done about it

  3. ROFLMAO, with the health players have these days, you have to hit some of them several THOUSAND times to get the ice! It may take 15 or 20 minutes to kill one. You have to hope you can find one on the fight list that is already attacking someone else or being attacked by someone else - and hope you are faster. I have 20k stamina and sometimes it takes that on just one player if they are on auto heal!