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PAC NEWS oh the lulz

PAC NEWS oh the lulz

Last year in early 2011 Zynga sent out notices it was forming a Player Advisory Committee (PAC) for Mafiawars, alot of players were excited, it was finally their chance to tell Zynga how they could improve the game and slow the decline in DAU/MAU.

The PAC was made out to be a shiny rock, where it turned out to be just that, a shiny rock and not much use at all. (Hat0rs gunna hate)

After the big excitement no one knew who they were, there were outside sources (from PAC members) of their flight to San Fran, about how the had a tour then discussed MW and threw ideas left right and centre. No list of names of who anyone you could talk to or get a hold of, in otherwords pretty piss pour communication.

Because of the above and some other little niggly bits the PAC became pretty much a joke. The players that had been excited to get their says in, had turned and had said "thank goodness they didnt pick me". The main organizer for communication between "Zynga and the players" and "Zynga and the PAC" left Zynga to pursue other career opportunity's which pretty much was the downfall for any communication Zynga was releasing, Soon the PAC fell more into a state of confusion with most members bailing and saying either "I'm done" or "i have finished with Mafiawars".

Skipping forward to early this year (2012 for my space-age fiends) the word was out that Zynga had Officially Dissolved PAC

"Dear Mafia Wars Player Advisory Council Member,

Thank you for participating in Mafia Wars’ Player Advisory Council (PAC). As of February 29, 2012, the current Player Advisory Council (PAC) will be dissolved.

In recognition of PAC’s contribution to improving Mafia Wars, we are awarding all PAC 1.0 members with 100 Reward Points as a thank you for helping Mafia Wars. The RP will be automatically credited to your account on March 1st 2012. Your participation helped us shape the next iteration of the Player Advisory Council (PAC 2.0), which we will be launching next month. PAC 2.0 will be a smaller program with focused feedback sessions designed to ensure the continued success of Mafia Wars.

Thank you for your participation in PAC and we look forward to hearing your valuable feedback on the Mafia Wars Forums.


The Mafia Wars Team"

Sweet! 10RPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best reward ever!!

They did bring us some good things, they also had a "different" MW experience than most of us, they would submit their PID's and they would get to beta test things and give feedback/bugs on those things before being released to everyone.

 Zynga thought "lets do this again, this time with a new crew, that we will pick and it will be so secret that no one will know who are members, so no ridicule etc etc, what can go wrong?"

This time Zynga did no trip to San fran, no skype room with text as a communication source, so no one could copy and paste the whole conversations off into other rooms. It was setup as a skype room but with call functions, wouldnt it be tragic if someone recorded the call? ohhhh wait! SNAP! lulz.

On the side note of all this, to be in the PAC(s) you had to sign and send them a NDA, its pretty much just a two page contract saying you wont blab and reveal your discussions.

So what have PAC version 2.0 been discussing?

  • Scripting to be allowed?
  • Facebook vs Zynga
Seems that Zynga have been looking at introducing scripts, thats pretty cool. Good idea or Bad? IMO its a bad idea. I think if they opened steps and guidelines of what was and wasnt allowed, it would be much better, would they approve of a script writer and say all scripts by this person only are allowed? and would that mean that other peoples scripts were evil and that everyone should report the other script0rs with links to Zynga? I do like how Zynga were trying to make them vote and ask the PAC members to declare their use of automation on Jobs, Fighting & Robbing tho, nice touch.

Now having had someone just read the above paragraph they said "oh so you mean they would let only Spockholms' scripts?" Sure thats one way to look at it and it makes sense since Spockholm is in the PAC, but this leads us onto the next part...

Facebook vs Zynga, ohnoes!!!!!!!!! It seems that not all scripts are being nice to either server, one is spamming packets in, which then has to bounce between both servers and is causing Facebook to bitch to Zynga about the script use which is causing a full circle of Zynga talking to PAC about scripting, Cool story bro! However not all scripts do this, just the ones that interact with both Facebook and Mafiawars, personally i think things like Giftblaster could have a nice built in effect if Mafia Studios bothered to see why people are needing the scripting use in the first place. They (Zynga) could divulge the gifts been spammed and then work on those areas in the game, IE sending *yawn* the lastest property part, misery bags etc etc *yawn* that area in the game is long gone for me so i cant really tell you what the latest craze with spamming gifts is.

Keep on Z with your cloak of secrecy, they (and like the game) seem to contain (listening) bugs ;)

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