Friday, 11 May 2012

hmm... u mad?

apparently im full of shit, cool story bro! you mad?

In the last article, i mentioned PAC, scripts and other stuff. [1] To be honest it was written to troll, caz <3 for the trolls & hat0rs.

Apparently my information was wrong, and i was out of contact with Zynga, also i was clearly was writing the article based off the official mafiawars blogs post [2] or/aswell as MWLL's Article [3].

However i predated both articles
 2nd of May beats the 4th of May.... eeeeee awkward much
where am i getting info from if i predate the articles? according to Jens last comment (below) it was from the blogs... true story bro!

I also find it funny that my sources (oh yeah, note the s on sources) both mentioned the same things. I even mentioned giftblaster and its effect it was having with facebook and zynga servers, so no surprises Spockholm later announced his new 10 second delay.
Im sure the WE in Team Spockholm just had this idea magically and it was nothing to do with Zynga asking them to edit the script at all. I think had they just come and stated Zynga had asked them to modify the script to include a delay they would of got a better reaction from the community rather than the outraged users that bitched about the delay being implemented.

Now i see you saying to yourself. wait wut? Zynga arent angry at the scripters for having scripts that work with there game? their not asking the scripters to take down there entire bookmarklets pages and so on?! they are only asking them to edit bits and pieces? Bullshit!

Infact its not, RX6 made from the PlayerScripts team, that did MWAP, have also been audited from Zynga and they have made sure this isnt a hidden fact, i have seen them state this many times and in various places. Having talked to another script writer, they mentioned that their script had been checked and changes made, Zynga only want the scripts to not be botting, as botting strains the servers.

Melissa Y: Community Manager, from the Mafiawars forums, posted an interesting post,
  (interesting post is not actually interesting) however something that caught my eye was:

The Mafia Wars team’s official stand against botting: Botting strains the servers and spoils the experience of other players. Any Script which interferes with the normal gameplay is a bot and botting is a Zynga TOS violation.
Myself having just stated that Zynga have been auditing various scripts, now sees that it makes perfect sense to audit the most popular used scripts, this way to ensure they are not abusing the servers and so forth. which left me with an interesting opinion.
If a script runs at a normal speed and does jobs, fights, robs etc as per normal its not a bot because its not interfering with normal gameplay?
I sent a message to Melissa Y asking for a bit of clarification, but so far shes keeping her track record of just dumping posts/asking questions and not replying or providing/boucing/ideas/feedback of the community.

I think Zynga should just release a list of Scripts they have audited and deem them safe. Just for them to finally get over it, Scripts are here to stay. Otherwise they will lost the last of the majority of the userbase. I'm more than happy to keep providing information that gets given out, it does make me mad that the users that get the info first hand then have to tamper with it so much that only their word is deemed the truth.


  1. Don't worry, just because a lot of people use her blog because it is one of the only known source for info on the game dean't mean we are all mindless sheep. I'm sure lots can observe and make their own opinions on things. Personally after the 4th or 5th round of "hater" posts that were made on several different groups of people I started asking myself what the common denominator in all of them were, and what do you know it was her. Things that make you go hum.......;)

  2. You can always tell a MWLL Sheeple because anyone who disagrees with them is a "hater". 3rd grade, anyone?

    Spockholm is just another arm of Zynga now. Dinking with something that already worked and selling it as something that's good for the players. They've sold out. I'm wondering what the pricetag was for their integrity.

  3. I am a big fan of mwll's page, for the fact that it provides a lot of useful info about the game, and the best partis, there are loads of players assisting other players with info n problem solving. I must admit, that I sometimes think ( with good reason) that FANS of mwll n spocks, can be very vindictive. They go all out to make some players consider leaving the game, with the constant attacks, robs n in the co-operative refusal not to help in gifting. Do remember that most players get the 501 mafia from pimping sites, and the lady n spocks are well loved by this sites, so they have full control and they do abuse the power they have. But we got to admit that spocks do cover almost all aspects of the game ( apart from live war n feed help) Spocks rock, same as addon n playerscripts too. I would love to see all the script writers get on, or at least let the players choose whichever script they fancy, without fear of being isolated.
    I love spocks, but I will admit that I also love addon n wall scrubber..................................if only fans of scripts will just get on, n stop trying to fight for the script writers. Let the writers compete with their excellent knowledge, and let the players choose whatever script they like for whatever function they feel the script is best for them.
    To me, Wall scrubber is the best helper script out there, as it don't discriminate your mafia member. Scrubber helps all in your mafia. Stream scanner and HFC are best for helping your mafia ( those that the bots missed), and as for fighting, well, I can't judge, as I am more of a manual fighter ( tried all 3, but I still prefer manual fights )
    So my rant is, CAN WE ALL JUST GET ON?, and respect the fact that we all have our own opinion, and that because we disagree on certain issue/s, don't make us haters or enemies.
    Scriptwriters rocks, and will rock better if you all can just get along ( even if it's just for the sake of players or for the sake of keeping the game alive.
    Thank you.

    btw, I do follow up on almost any mafia wars blog or script that I see in my feed ( either because a friend is subscribed or I am) just for a broader knowledge and understanding of the game. I thank you all for time in keeping us all informed.

    A mafia wars lover who wants to see all enjoy the game.

  4. I use everything that's available on the market as long as it is for free. I don't like battlefield but i like Addon because of the gift center and the Home Feed center. I use RX6 lite to collect my properties when i'm not at my computer.