Friday, 9 December 2011

Them Ebil Script0rs!

These are my most common questions on skype.

"Do i know of a script that does this or that?" Or "Can you adapt a script"

Todays article comes from teh letter S. (for sleep)

I use a script, she/he uses a script, that clan uses a script. Their cheating!

Are we cheating by using scripts? I'mma go with an extract from Zynga "There are good scripts and bad scripts, we shall not define either" - MW Live?? But Zynga's ToS 3rd party section doesn't play friendly towards scripts and states quite alot of things.

I agree with Zynga on the good/bad scripts, Most scripts automate everyday tasks that are so repeatative that without the scripts, people would of abandoned that task along time ago...
MWAP is probably the most well known autoplayer and has been around for along time (2.5-3years), it can pretty much play the game as an ordinary person and covers 99.9% of all activity, its had very good positive reviews over the years and they are just starting on there new venture rx6 which currently has a free 1 week trial and boasts about having the fastest fighting, which for people that have alot of stamina that is definitly a +1.

OGP & MWADDON are most likely tied an interesting second, both offer their unique services, David Cabrera who wrote and keeps MWADDON up to date is pretty good at keeping on top of Zynga changes and came into the script playing field last year. While Lefty Thumbbreaker manages OGP and is working on a new version of it and has been around for quite awhile infact so long i have no idea, (i suppose i could ask him with him been on my friends list and all).

Many hours have been put into the above scripts and many other scripts, all 3 scripts can be set to do as you wish, from completing jobs/citys to fighting and robbing mastery, they can also be used to "sit" on a player while you goto work or "have better things to do"

Are they evil? I cant say id consider them evil, their purpose built to do nearly every action in the game and if they dont, they usually take sugguestions on improvements/new options etc, However...yes if the user sets them up to do that action that makes another users play "not nice" which then brings us on to others scripts.

Other scripts do things their exactly purpose built for, like Chucker, started in nov-dec 2009 by Arun it was originally named chucker-a-crap it was written so you could select an inventory item and send it to other people, it sent thousands of gifts over the period of hours which saved you from doing that action over and over, this was before Zynga made multiple gifting but is still a preferred gift sending tool, its currently kept uptodate by Simony. Arun also wrote brawler (which i believe pre-dated Pfighter by Scruffy), Which was revolutionary and worked the fightlist over and over, when Arun finished up/disappeared, Spockholm stepped up and released Assassin-a-nator which now does brawlers job for you.

Spockholm has been around for along time aswell (mid 2009) and has written nearly a script for everything "theres a spocklets for that" and with 277,946 fans and growing there is no doubt that "Logical Awesome, my codes are perfect." is a excellent quote to describe his code.

Other other other scripts: These are scripts that aim to exploit bugs in the code, and usually only work for a few days depending on the bug. Some of these never seem to have an author or was done by one that didnt want to have their name traced back to, reason being is because they are exploiting and if it goes wrong accounts can be banned and then they get blamed.

A recent example is the butler exploit, which many seemed to of got a message about:

This was done by either fast clicking the collect button or having a script hit the collect button fast for you. BTW Zynga i never even got to ruby level so why did i get an email, pitty ya's didnt credit me 3 of them tho :(

"Warning! The code you are adding is not from a trusted source (no Spockholm Code) !!!\r\nMalicious code can do anything with your account, from reading your stats to sending your items. \r\nDo you really want to add that unknown script?"

Like everything else there are also scripts that are either written or modded (duuh) to steal your stats and compromise your security, they preform the actions of sending the information back to their server and doing whatever they do with it. One i mentioned earlier was written by Scruffy called Pfighter, it sent the info back to his database which was made public and you could search for users/clans and see the lowest points someone had that beat that user or you could see the highest skillpoints that someone had lost to them was. It worked rather well however people were needed to use the script and alot of people kinda freaked when they learnt about stat sending. Which inturn killed the most current information on people that were in the database. Other scripts like the ratpacks mod(sorry im not linking, but is google-able) of scripts send all info back to their server even the ratchucker, chucking + statstealing isnt required for nothing and is datamining IMO.

Awhile back Alex, from thought about putting a script libarary together to catalog all the scripts that are/were out in MW land, Not all scripts get shared around or get the exposure that some of them deserve, Recently i was linked to Lucifers scripts because the person was unsure of if to trust his scripts or not, i checked them all over and was quite happy to say they were safe (in the sense of no datamining) to use. I am also happy to look over scripts and say if there is anything in them to steal info from your account or not, i can also mod that part out if the script works better than other variations of it and host it. I am all for sharing another scriptors work as there are brillant minds out there that sometimes just need some encouragement to produce some great scripts.

So please share your scripts here as most popular news outlets for mafiawars players dont seem to advertise anyone else other than those that they think should be. You can anonymously comment here on a script you want checked or just linked too Or goto my facebook page, and leave a comment on the wall adding descriptions is always nice too and i will try with Alexs help to get a library up of all the scripts for MW old/new. Some scripts that have been left to gather dust as the original author has abandoned we are still keen to look at, some of them might even be fixed so let us know about them.

Kudos to those that figure out which clan the above shots are from, each is from different clans, just as big as each other and both have the stats behind them. From new to old players most use a script in one way or another some for good and some for bad. Are they cheating? or just been smart about possible future RSI?

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