Thursday, 24 November 2011

Drone Recap

So finally the long awaited request is here, i can take no credit in the above code tho, it was spoon fed and handed to me to what must of seemed along painful time from the contributor. Infact when i reminded him of the code there was a period of a 13day gap, Admittedly during that time i was experimenting with code from another contributor (Sakari Hiltunen who contributed the ratio changing code), I was pretty close to releasing their version of mafia size/level but was still trying to iron out a few bugs. However the code came thru and success was had. :)

Mafia Size & Mafia Level lets you avoid anyone when doing fobs that are above the criteria that you set. When it cannot find someone that is under it, it refreshes the page (sometimes it will refresh the page for quite awhile if you set the values too low).

Another feature that was added was incorporating my sitter script in with a few mods. Set the targets P|ID, a health threshold to reheal at when you are below it and a city to fight in, and off you go!

Again, another feature request, some people wanted to be able to hit there main account(s) when they were safely going to be able to level their Super Ceral (SCC) accounts, does exactly as it says, Robs till its under its set ratio then fights a set user.

All 3 of these work in conjunction with jobbing

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