Friday, 28 October 2011

Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog, I'm not aiming to post about everything that Mafiawars releases, So that means No Events, No reward points, Group sales etc etc etc I apologize for my spelling and grammar in advance.

I recommend the following blogs that cover most things to nearly everything in detail! They are: 
First up! who am I? I get this everynow and again...
Most know by now that i associate by many names. 
    But my main name i go by is GuessX
I've played the game for a few years... So have seen alot of changes and a lot of other things . 

I'm from NZ so if i refer to a day thats currently not happened yet, it has for me! Sorry i cant help with lotto numbers :(

Scripts are/were against Zynga's terms and conditions, now i say were because at one stage the line of communication was quite good and they made the statement that there are good scripts and bad scripts... BUT they refused to name either. So untill they name and shame the bad scripts, all scripts are good to use IMO but it generally comes down to common sense.

People that use scripts in game doesn't automatically mean cheater! It also doesnt mean that since they are in a family that, that whole family uses scripts either. So when you assiociate a script user, dont go and drag his whole family thru your problem.

I'm still learning so not everything can be written "just like that" if written at all, I've had a few good script modifications in the past, Brawler Lite to name well... one! My lastest script i wrote from scratch and im pretty proud of it, Drone.〤its a pretty basic jobber and robber but imo it works quite well and ive still got mods to come to it.

I'm always happy to hear of scripts to modify or sugguestions of things to add into my current scripts.
My scripts page can be found here and my facebook page is here



  1. very appreaciated ur work.. hope to see ur next work.. thumps up..

  2. Drone〤 is by far the best script I ever used!

  3. Drone〤 is strictly business and it woks slick ass hell! I love it. 120 sec. per level, BAM! lol. Now if Zynga/Facebook would stop "Reframing" MW I could let it run all night. I think all the Zombie crap in their programming is doing it. IDK. Combining your "Sitter script" into your Drone〤 would be awesome! That way my main 27K combined level 3250 fighter could be pushed along all night long to level by my drones. This is the best Drone script out ther in my opinion. Great work bud!

  4. Thank you for the nice words, i released the update to Drone earlier so i'm hoping for some feedback there :)

  5. DroneX is great but I need to remove it and install the updated version of my chrome browser and Drone X any help on how to uninstall it would be appreciated.. ALSO your script page won't load :(