Friday, 28 October 2011


I've ran into issues with Toolbar.〤 As it was based on Unlockedmw's Toolbar, which now has a license attached to it.

It never used to have one so i was happy modifying it and im sure Alex (its creator) was happy with that as i wasnt releasing paid edition stuff, but as you can see it now states no DUPLICATION or DISTRIBUTION without written permission.

This is a rare case with mafiawars scripts as 90% of the scripts in MW most of the writers are quite happy to let others Duplicate/Modify their scripts aslong as there is a reference to its original author. So they dont display a licence.

Toolbar.〤 was outdated by at least a good month and was well and truely due for an update (of which i was just about to do). So in this rare case of licensing scripting, i will no longer be updating toolbar.〤 due to the issue. MWAP is also another case of this, but that is a massive script and even I would hate to have to update that, thankfully the team at (freshly updated site) do that job!

I thought that this was interesting because not many of the players see this side of things. Please no hate towards the authors that chose to go down the licensing path, their scripts work well for what they are designed to do and they put alot of time into developing and coding their scripts and get them to the point where people do pay/donate to use them, so by me or someone else copying there work the original authors can miss out on those that pay/donate.

The rules are in place and are not meant to be broken here, As im sure all the script writers will back me on.


  1. Thanks for the insight. I will miss your Toolbar. Became a trusted sidekick.
    Cheers to future scripting!

  2. im thinking of another toolbar, im going to try a few experiment versions and ideas collaborated into one. If success then il release it, otherwise it will remain dead